Washington State Charter Schools – Failure of our Corporate Sponsors

Well kid, this is the future if you think

Its a slippery slope we are stepping on by having our corporate overlord wage slave drivers educate us, employ us and entertain us from cradle to grave. Whose interest do you think a for-profit school’s leadership would have close to their heat. kids? WTF? No, profit! The kids might as well be cattle.
Corporate Charter School Slavery arrives In British Classrooms: http://www.disinfo.com/2012/12/corporate-workfare-arrives-in-british-classrooms/

“Launched quietly in 2010, studio schools allow private businesses to run state education for 14 to 19-year-olds with learning ‘on the job’ and not in the classroom.”

read on that and think what good it would do to pay a for profit corporation to take over the education system in washington state!

Olympia, WA legislature – don’t fail us now!


Pizza Express Restaurant Menu- Montesano, WA

Montesano currently has three restaurants serving pizza: Gepettos ( 360-249-4445, it is hard to find that on their website), Westside (a small chain, they don’t list prices on their online menu and the online menu is incomplete) and Pizza Express. I learned recently that Pizza Express is under new management (so that is why they were tearing out their sunbeds earlier?) and has a completely new menu (old lunch specials are gone and replaced with a number system like at typical fast food restaurants) and home delivery terms. Their website is a pretty basic “yellow pages template one page wonder” without even a menu so I figured I would do myself a favor and scanned the menu to post it here so i don’t keep losing it. You can download/ view the main menu here in PDF format: Pizza-Express-Menu And here is their menu for specials: Pizza-Express-Specials-Menu note these are from March 2012 and things could change at any time.

Who has the best pizza in Montesano, WA? That is up to you, they are very similar but some offer different toppings (Like Gepettos offers fresh garlic, perperoncinis, etc.. Gepettos is my favorite (best crust, they cook it with a touch of black burnt crispiness) but they don’t do delivery and neither West Side or pizza express offer their menus online. It is really amazing to me that people overlook this in their business plans and instead sink tons of money into print advertising which not only doesn’t work (especially if your audience is under 50 years old) but isn’t measurable.
Pizza Express has a new delivery policy – they dropped the $2.00 delivery charge and now ask that you order at least $15 minimum for delivery orders. Nice compromise but for someone just wanting lunch I didn’t mind paying $2.00 – how about a $2.00 charge for orders under $15?
This is not a paid advertisement, I have received nothing in return nor did I even ask them if I could re-post their menu. Hope it counts as fair use! Anyhow, I wish them the best in this small crowded market.