Earthquake near Kamaishi, Japan 7.3 Magnitude

The USGS is reporting a magnitude 7.3 earthquake 23 miles off the coast of Japan, near the previous epicenter that caused the 2011 Tsunami.

earthquake location Kamaishi Japan

screenshot of the USGS reporting location

A Tsunami warning has been issued, we are awaiting reports from our correspondent in Omihachiman, Japan regarding the extent of damage and local response to the quake.

To view it for yourself, here is a link to the location on google Maps.


Japanses Tsunami Donations used for Whaling, not People

If you donated money to the Japanese Tsunami relief and love whales, you are a sucker. At least I feel like one.

30 million dollars was diverted from the tsunami donations to strengthen their whaling fleet – which has a quota of 1000 whales a year – including 50 humpbacks.

Humpback Whale Credit: NOAA

ABC Australia:

Japan Today:

Huffington Post:

Learned of this while watching Whale Wars, most recent season. Not the most reliable source so i included above for reference.

I find it curious that when it comes to animals, some we love & some we eat. Personally I am a vegan at heart but would serve whale meat at a family get together just to get people to question their own choices and how that directly causes suffering.

And here is a verbatim quote from my high school teacher. I forget why but a Japanese foreign exchange student (a good friend of mine, FWIW) made him mad and the old male (we think he was KKK) teacher got 12 inches from his face and said it so loud the whole class could hear. This was in 12th grade BTW, we were all like 17 years old. I never forgot it. I was so upset to hear of the diverted donations it makes me want to say what he did – “we should have dropped the third one”

doing it with pure people power – now THAT would be a sport!

Of course, we shouldn’t have dropped the first one and the take away is you can’t judge other people’s culture from the perspective of your own. I mean, I am not going to quit drinking Jameson’s whiskey just because one of the heirs (James S Jameson) bought a little girl and offered her to cannibals just so he could witness the process and make sketches of the process. That would be ridiculous, I don’t live in that century and I’m only 1/8th Irish!

Shoutout to all my Japanese homies back on the motherland – i hope they let me back in!

Japan Earthquake Report in Omihachiman

From the 3/11/2011 8.9 Eathquake off the coast of Japan we have this report from the rural city of  Omihachiman:

“I was teaching 5 years olds. First day the mothers all decided to leave. Had been having dizzy spells all last month, people say maybe from hay fever. I thought it was coming back, but much worse. Whole building seemed to turn to slowly wobbling rubber. Very disorienting. Told the kids it was an earthquake and to get under the table. They were all like, ooh, this is FUN! and I was thinking. yeah, we’re all going to die and you can’t even understand the concept yet.”

Note that to the best of our knowledge there was no major damage or loss of life in the Omihachiman area and it is over 300 miles from the nearest failing nuclear reactor. Train service is normal.

More first hand reports of  the earthquake from areas distant from Tokyo: