Intuit stuck “Please wait while we gather your account details”

If you receive the “please wait” message and it never changes, try another browser, try as a login rather than – not that it will work because it probably wont but the real solution is:

log into merchant center from within quickbooks.

works instantly, you can find invoices processed the same day whereas if you try online you can’t even see transactions you just processed!

Hope this helps!


Quickbooks credit card submit button doesn’t work – solution

Intuit credit card will not submit? Mine didn’t either.

Oh my, I just spent the last hour trying to figure out why I couldn’t process a credit card. Everything was fine but when I pressed the submit button nothing happened. No error message, nothing. I tried over and over, restarted, disable firewalls, rebooted routers and firewalls, forced updates on the software, read help and support. Then I spent 20 minutes on hold and gave up on being able to reach a person. Finally I searched quickbooks / intuit help forums online and found A TON of people asking about the same problem recently. Funny thing is, most of them were UNANSWERED. Then I found ONE reply:

Where is the tech support?

“It sounds like you may be using Internet Explorer 9. Unfortunately at this time Quickbooks is not compatible with this web browser and it has been preventing error message from appearing in QuickBooks during credit card processing.” –

Yes, that is right: the latest version of Quickbooks will not process credit card payments on computers using the latest version of internet explorer.

This reply is

  • Buried in a forum
  • Not given to loads of other people posting the same sumbit button question in the past couple weeks.
  • Lacking info on HOW TO UNINSTALL IE9, implying that you have an IT guy that can do it on demand. Yeah, it isn’t hard to figure out but a simple link to the solution would be very handy for end users. I know a lot of people that would be completely stumped/scared to uninstall internet explorer updates.

Well guess what. Quickbooks is responsible for thousands of small businesses, they should be on top of it. Windows is massively dominant in business and auto updates are the norm. Add the two and this is the scale of the problem.  If Intuit isn’t on top of THIS HUGE BUG then they should at least send out an email notification AND answer simple forum questions have this displayed prominently on their help page. Heck if fixing the compatibility issue with IE9 is that difficult they should at least update QB so when you pressed the submit button it would at give you an error upon detection explorer 9.

Oh wait, there is no competition.

Here are some (currently) unanswered posts to the forum. Maybe not all of them have IE9 problems but they sound very similar.:

This guy gets it close but no one verifies it

another person with the same button problem

The list goes on and on.  I’m giving up. You get the idea.