Washington State Charter Schools – Failure of our Corporate Sponsors

Well kid, this is the future if you think

Its a slippery slope we are stepping on by having our corporate overlord wage slave drivers educate us, employ us and entertain us from cradle to grave. Whose interest do you think a for-profit school’s leadership would have close to their heat. kids? WTF? No, profit! The kids might as well be cattle.
Corporate Charter School Slavery arrives In British Classrooms: http://www.disinfo.com/2012/12/corporate-workfare-arrives-in-british-classrooms/

“Launched quietly in 2010, studio schools allow private businesses to run state education for 14 to 19-year-olds with learning ‘on the job’ and not in the classroom.”

read on that and think what good it would do to pay a for profit corporation to take over the education system in washington state!

Olympia, WA legislature – don’t fail us now!


Japanses Tsunami Donations used for Whaling, not People

If you donated money to the Japanese Tsunami relief and love whales, you are a sucker. At least I feel like one.

30 million dollars was diverted from the tsunami donations to strengthen their whaling fleet – which has a quota of 1000 whales a year – including 50 humpbacks.

Humpback Whale Credit: NOAA

ABC Australia: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-12-07/japan-whaling-fleet-embarks/3716546

Japan Today: http://www.japantoday.com/category/national/view/japan-using-quake-disaster-budget-for-whaling-aid

Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/08/japan-whale-hunt-disaster-funding_n_1135980.html

Learned of this while watching Whale Wars, most recent season. Not the most reliable source so i included above for reference.

I find it curious that when it comes to animals, some we love & some we eat. Personally I am a vegan at heart but would serve whale meat at a family get together just to get people to question their own choices and how that directly causes suffering.

And here is a verbatim quote from my high school teacher. I forget why but a Japanese foreign exchange student (a good friend of mine, FWIW) made him mad and the old male (we think he was KKK) teacher got 12 inches from his face and said it so loud the whole class could hear. This was in 12th grade BTW, we were all like 17 years old. I never forgot it. I was so upset to hear of the diverted donations it makes me want to say what he did – “we should have dropped the third one”

doing it with pure people power – now THAT would be a sport!

Of course, we shouldn’t have dropped the first one and the take away is you can’t judge other people’s culture from the perspective of your own. I mean, I am not going to quit drinking Jameson’s whiskey just because one of the heirs (James S Jameson) bought a little girl and offered her to cannibals just so he could witness the process and make sketches of the process. That would be ridiculous, I don’t live in that century and I’m only 1/8th Irish!

Shoutout to all my Japanese homies back on the motherland – i hope they let me back in!

Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene – the Pothead Bible Study Cannibalism Story


I was very intrigued to find this cartoon by the author of my favorite book “You Will Die” explaining why the Miami Cannibal didn’t start eating face because of LSD, Bath Salts or Cocaine:

Eat shrink wrapped dead mammals from the store, not fresh ones on the street!

Rudy Eugene was a violent, violent lad. Then he started smoking a lot of pot and it calmed him down. He was a bible-toting christian and refused all drugs, even aspirin. One day, god told him to stop using marijuana and TWO DAYS later the violent tendencies within him came back with vengeance – causing him to eat a mans face off.


I hope posting a tiny distorted modified thumb with link to original is okay by the author, perhaps fair use?  I just want people to see it and a visual cue is much better than a plain link

From the Narco Polo blog, direct link to cannibal cartoon

In 2004 he became the first person to be Tased in North Miami Beach when he went on a destructive rampage in his mother’s home. He shoved her, broke a table, smashed items, and told her, “I’ll put a gun to your head and kill you.” When the police arrived he threatened them as well.


What happens when angry moms who watch too much Corporate TV reporting done by sensationalist a-holes that just make shit up like “the new LSD” to get more viewers and sell more papers? Congress bans “bath salts” to halt the progress of zombie epidemic:


Bath Salts: its what’s for dinner – for zombies!

“When they learn about this face-chewing situation in Florida, hopefully that will change a few minds,” said Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), an original sponsor of legislation to ban bath salts and other synthetic drugs.

Media Bias, anyone?

When I first heard the media lumping bath salts and LSD together that really pissed me off. I thought I was the only one.

BTW: Charlie Dent, keep up with that drug war rhetoric. That is the real problem, poor people getting high to avoid the reality that they are owned by the corporate overlords. They need to really FEEL that pain to get closer to god. Keep up with the fight, soon the war on drugs will be won!

What are Austerity Measures? The War on Words in Right Wing Media and Politics

I keep hearing about Austerity Measures on tv and radio and have no idea what they are talking about. I figured the root of it was austere so it must have to do with the rich. Apparently austerity measures make people in greece and italy mad, so i am kind of scared of it happening here in the USA too – so I looked it up.

From wikepedia:

a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided

Ok, that makes sense. I would be mad too. The government gets in trouble so it “cuts spending” on public services, which is effectively the same as thing raising taxes on poor people. It makes everything more expensive for them at zero cost to the wealthy. Did the poor people get them into the mess? Nope. I bet the “job creators” had something to do with it!

Come to think of it, Austerity Measures have been happening in the USA constantly since Reganomics but no one would dare call it that. Even if they did no one knows what it means. I’m a college grad and didn’t know and I consider myself quite up-to-date on politics. Which brings me to my point:

If the “left” wants to affect progressive change in the USA they need to own the language. Spouting off about oligarchy and plutocracy makes you sound smart but to the average joe (the person you are trying to educate and get rowled up) it is just babble and they don’t have the time/energy to look it up and remember it. If you can’t make a meme that spreads quickly and easily and can infect the majority of the population (not just the intellectuals) then that meme is doomed to fail. That’s it. Simple. The root of the reason why people are voting republican is because their ideas are “easy” and this is not by mistake, it is by design. They speak in terms that are easy to understand and phrase descriptions of economic processes in ways that make the process seem obvious. If noe-cons (there I go again, what does that even mean?) discover a word they don’t like, they re-define it. Take for example yesterdays war on the word “forward”

War on words

Yesterday the right wing echo chamber (Beck, Limbaugh, & Hannity, etc) talking point was focused on one thing: to redefine a word. Not just any word, a powerful, easy to understand word the left uses all the time. That word is “forward”. Apparently now that is code-speak for communism. go figure. Whether it is or not, the fact that this word “forward” sustained a targeted and collective attack in the media yesterday is simple proof that the “right” (we really need a better word for that, it supposes so many things!) understands the value of owning the language and are actively working to change definitions of words that run counter to their dogma and if that is not possible: demonize the word. When demonized, a person that hears it just hears “communism” which fear and skepticism about the rest of the message, essentially nullifying it.

Sure, both sides work to redefine and own their political language but the republicans are EXPERTS at it.

What do you think?

The Meat Shop of Tacoma – Closing its Doors after 50 years in June

After buying my annual thanksgiving turkey from them for the past few years I just got a phone call from the Meat Shop of Tacoma. This is a small business that provides organic locally raised meats and custom sausages to the south Puget Sound area. They kindly notified me that they are going out of business due to a number of factors and will not be able to supply my turkey this fall. What kind of service is that? Can you imagine any other business calling you in advance to warn of short supply – 6 months ahead of your order that you have only placed 3 times?

My heart breaks for them.

Shame on our collective buying patterns for not supporting this fine local establishment. Now if you want organic locally-raised and humanely butchered meat in Washington state where are you to go? Sure, local shops are carrying more organic – but LOCAL organic meats?

How to Hack Electronic Voting Machines aka “black box voting”

Just released; a handy how-to step-by-step guide on hacking electronic voting machines via remote control. Cost? $10 Skill level? 8th grade. Written by? US GOVERNMENT!!! Well, specifically the department of energy. A quote from them:

“attacks are potentially possible on a wide variety of electronic voting machines…”

Will this be the nail in the coffin to end the madness and “downgrade” to voting with an audit-able paper trail? All I hear are crickets chirping. The lack of response is painfully obvious when you realize that

  • our “news” channels are only as liberal as the corporations that own them, and
  • all programming is written on the backs of advertisers

The fact that we are still using e voting machines is a testament to the success of our corporate propaganda machine’s dominance in mainstream media penetration. If you live an urban lifestyle you have no idea how hard it is for people living in the sticks to access anything other than fox news on the rabbit ears or Limbaugh on the radio – they always come in strong and clear.

How is it that this is still possible? What lessons were learned from the year 2000 voting scandal? Surely not much as the same tactics were deployed in Ohio and the world watched as the USA elected a president whose actions created the highest disapproval rating in modern history – twice.

Oh, wait…there is a branch of government that is looking over this, data.gov ?

Mountains of info on black box voting security flaws have already been written, documented, peer reviewed, filmed, demonstrated and re-demonstrated that something must be going on at a very high level to let this happen. Oh, wait…the systematic dumbing down of America and continual restriction of media channels is doing the job – automatically. you can take Noam Chomsky’s word for it: we did it to ourselves.

“Part of this decline is self-inflicted. What the Economic Policy Institute calls Failure by Design has significantly weakened the United States, and that will continue unless there’s real changes here.” – chomsky

In case this is all new to you, listen to a republican talk about how insecure their own Diebold voting machines are, this is a MUST SEE:

The cure? How to solve this problem with e-voting security? Independent media. Independent media – the only way out. Oh, that and fixing the voting problem yourself. All other methods are futile tail-chasing because:

Corporate media is rich people paying rich people to convince the middle class that the poor are the problem

Unplug and spread the word!