Why the new Galaxy s6 sucks

No removable storage? Oh, that makes random file transfers on the fly so much more fun! And I love how the limited internal storage space affects how I use my own data.


No removable battery? I can go from 1% to 100% in less than 90 seconds with the S5, now I get to be tethered to a charging cable! Added bonus: the battery wears out over time, forcing you to replace the phone. Extra bonus: you need a special charger for their “fast” charging times


Samsung, I could give zero cares about the stupid iPhone…since forever. What kind of functional regression game are you playing here? Why do you want toddlers to fawn over how good the phone feels in their hand? Like that is some supreme benchmark of electronics or something while having zero to do with real-world usability.


Thanks for nothing.




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