How to Convince Global Warming Skeptics it is Real

Your global warming skeptic friend thinks global warming will be okay because they won’t mind a three degree increase in temperature – problem is everything else on this planet will. Sure, they might agree (with the thermometers!) that the earth is warming but they say fossil fuels isn’t causing it and it is just part of a normal cycle. Really? What cycle is that? A three hundred million year cycle?

ocean acidification correlated with rising CO2 in the atmosphere

The oceans are acidifying at a rate and level unseen for 300,000,000 years and this is going to wreak havoc on the global oceanic ecosystem. Now you don’t have the time to teach the skeptic the science about pH and calcium shells so how about this: Think no more oysters. (already happening) Think no more recreational ocean fishing. Think no more tuna. Think global marine extinctions. Think dead oceans. Think dead everything that relies on the ocean.

Sum this up with this kicker: Even if the skeptics are right (lol), weaning us off fossil fuels will create jobs and invigorate technology research. If they don’t agree on that then remind them that they are called fossil fuels for a reason, the earth isn’t an infinite oil field nor an infinite garbage dump. Here they will recall a “fact” about how there are 100’s years of energy left in the ground but there is no time to refute that other than to ask how we know it is there if we haven’t found it. If we had found it wouldn’t prices at the pump be coming down? I wouldn’t mention peak oil, that is a conversation stopper but truth is we have about 40 years of oil, 65 years of natural gas and 119 years of coal. That is unless you have faith, like the dept. of energy, that we will discover a crap-ton more.

Invariably the skeptic will spout off about how wonderful natural gas is and how it is going to save us from oil dependence and create tons of jobs in the USA. I have replied, “Yeah, but what about the water table and all the wells you poison – forever?” The response was a nasty look where you can see them dismissing you an environmentalist greenie in their head, so I don’t know about coming back with that fact right off the bat. They probably don’t even know fracking companies pump millions of gallons of poisonous waste into the ground because, well, they can – thanks to our supreme court elected presidential administration they are exempt from the Clean Water Act. Better to just log onto amazon and send them a copy of “Gasland” as a gift. They probably wont watch it all but at least you supported a small part of the anti-fracking movement. 

But I digress…

Next your typical white high school educated male living in a rural areas will come back with, “Well, there is nothing I can do and I will be long dead before global warming affects me.” I don’t know how to counter this other than saying, “Can I get a quick video of you saying that? Your grand children will be so proud of your apathy.”

After all, now is the ONLY time to do anything. We are on the cusp of it already being too late. Your skeptical friend’s grandchildren are on track to inherit an earth literally fried by grandpa and all grandpa’s friends.

Oh, and if they even mention failed subsidies to renewable resource compaines (like the $500 million loss of Solyndra) remind them that 1)Not all companies succeed, and 2) US taxpayers are giving the largest, most profitable corporations in the history of humankind about $40 BILLION dollars a year in subsidies. For even more fun, here is a link to a very interesting graph comparing Solyndra losses to a few MAJOR military projects that failed.
Wow. Funny how easy it is to isolate facts and spin them into a story that stirs massive taxpayer-hating frenzy.

Sidenote: I propose eliminating dollar amounts in all political discussion and replacing it with percentage of government budget. For instance, we spend 5% of our budget on welfare for the non-working poor rather than saying $196 billon. Who can grasp numbers that big anyway? They have no relevance.

Do you have and tips on convincing global warming skeptics without boring them to death? Please comment!


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