Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene – the Pothead Bible Study Cannibalism Story


I was very intrigued to find this cartoon by the author of my favorite book “You Will Die” explaining why the Miami Cannibal didn’t start eating face because of LSD, Bath Salts or Cocaine:

Eat shrink wrapped dead mammals from the store, not fresh ones on the street!

Rudy Eugene was a violent, violent lad. Then he started smoking a lot of pot and it calmed him down. He was a bible-toting christian and refused all drugs, even aspirin. One day, god told him to stop using marijuana and TWO DAYS later the violent tendencies within him came back with vengeance – causing him to eat a mans face off.

I hope posting a tiny distorted modified thumb with link to original is okay by the author, perhaps fair use?  I just want people to see it and a visual cue is much better than a plain link

From the Narco Polo blog, direct link to cannibal cartoon

In 2004 he became the first person to be Tased in North Miami Beach when he went on a destructive rampage in his mother’s home. He shoved her, broke a table, smashed items, and told her, “I’ll put a gun to your head and kill you.” When the police arrived he threatened them as well.


What happens when angry moms who watch too much Corporate TV reporting done by sensationalist a-holes that just make shit up like “the new LSD” to get more viewers and sell more papers? Congress bans “bath salts” to halt the progress of zombie epidemic:

Bath Salts: its what’s for dinner – for zombies!

“When they learn about this face-chewing situation in Florida, hopefully that will change a few minds,” said Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), an original sponsor of legislation to ban bath salts and other synthetic drugs.

Media Bias, anyone?

When I first heard the media lumping bath salts and LSD together that really pissed me off. I thought I was the only one.

BTW: Charlie Dent, keep up with that drug war rhetoric. That is the real problem, poor people getting high to avoid the reality that they are owned by the corporate overlords. They need to really FEEL that pain to get closer to god. Keep up with the fight, soon the war on drugs will be won!


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