What are Austerity Measures? The War on Words in Right Wing Media and Politics

I keep hearing about Austerity Measures on tv and radio and have no idea what they are talking about. I figured the root of it was austere so it must have to do with the rich. Apparently austerity measures make people in greece and italy mad, so i am kind of scared of it happening here in the USA too – so I looked it up.

From wikepedia:

a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided

Ok, that makes sense. I would be mad too. The government gets in trouble so it “cuts spending” on public services, which is effectively the same as thing raising taxes on poor people. It makes everything more expensive for them at zero cost to the wealthy. Did the poor people get them into the mess? Nope. I bet the “job creators” had something to do with it!

Come to think of it, Austerity Measures have been happening in the USA constantly since Reganomics but no one would dare call it that. Even if they did no one knows what it means. I’m a college grad and didn’t know and I consider myself quite up-to-date on politics. Which brings me to my point:

If the “left” wants to affect progressive change in the USA they need to own the language. Spouting off about oligarchy and plutocracy makes you sound smart but to the average joe (the person you are trying to educate and get rowled up) it is just babble and they don’t have the time/energy to look it up and remember it. If you can’t make a meme that spreads quickly and easily and can infect the majority of the population (not just the intellectuals) then that meme is doomed to fail. That’s it. Simple. The root of the reason why people are voting republican is because their ideas are “easy” and this is not by mistake, it is by design. They speak in terms that are easy to understand and phrase descriptions of economic processes in ways that make the process seem obvious. If noe-cons (there I go again, what does that even mean?) discover a word they don’t like, they re-define it. Take for example yesterdays war on the word “forward”

War on words

Yesterday the right wing echo chamber (Beck, Limbaugh, & Hannity, etc) talking point was focused on one thing: to redefine a word. Not just any word, a powerful, easy to understand word the left uses all the time. That word is “forward”. Apparently now that is code-speak for communism. go figure. Whether it is or not, the fact that this word “forward” sustained a targeted and collective attack in the media yesterday is simple proof that the “right” (we really need a better word for that, it supposes so many things!) understands the value of owning the language and are actively working to change definitions of words that run counter to their dogma and if that is not possible: demonize the word. When demonized, a person that hears it just hears “communism” which fear and skepticism about the rest of the message, essentially nullifying it.

Sure, both sides work to redefine and own their political language but the republicans are EXPERTS at it.

What do you think?


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