The Meat Shop of Tacoma – Closing its Doors after 50 years in June

After buying my annual thanksgiving turkey from them for the past few years I just got a phone call from the Meat Shop of Tacoma. This is a small business that provides organic locally raised meats and custom sausages to the south Puget Sound area. They kindly notified me that they are going out of business due to a number of factors and will not be able to supply my turkey this fall. What kind of service is that? Can you imagine any other business calling you in advance to warn of short supply – 6 months ahead of your order that you have only placed 3 times?

My heart breaks for them.

Shame on our collective buying patterns for not supporting this fine local establishment. Now if you want organic locally-raised and humanely butchered meat in Washington state where are you to go? Sure, local shops are carrying more organic – but LOCAL organic meats?


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