How to Hack Electronic Voting Machines aka “black box voting”

Just released; a handy how-to step-by-step guide on hacking electronic voting machines via remote control. Cost? $10 Skill level? 8th grade. Written by? US GOVERNMENT!!! Well, specifically the department of energy. A quote from them:

“attacks are potentially possible on a wide variety of electronic voting machines…”

Will this be the nail in the coffin to end the madness and “downgrade” to voting with an audit-able paper trail? All I hear are crickets chirping. The lack of response is painfully obvious when you realize that

  • our “news” channels are only as liberal as the corporations that own them, and
  • all programming is written on the backs of advertisers

The fact that we are still using e voting machines is a testament to the success of our corporate propaganda machine’s dominance in mainstream media penetration. If you live an urban lifestyle you have no idea how hard it is for people living in the sticks to access anything other than fox news on the rabbit ears or Limbaugh on the radio – they always come in strong and clear.

How is it that this is still possible? What lessons were learned from the year 2000 voting scandal? Surely not much as the same tactics were deployed in Ohio and the world watched as the USA elected a president whose actions created the highest disapproval rating in modern history – twice.

Oh, wait…there is a branch of government that is looking over this, ?

Mountains of info on black box voting security flaws have already been written, documented, peer reviewed, filmed, demonstrated and re-demonstrated that something must be going on at a very high level to let this happen. Oh, wait…the systematic dumbing down of America and continual restriction of media channels is doing the job – automatically. you can take Noam Chomsky’s word for it: we did it to ourselves.

“Part of this decline is self-inflicted. What the Economic Policy Institute calls Failure by Design has significantly weakened the United States, and that will continue unless there’s real changes here.” – chomsky

In case this is all new to you, listen to a republican talk about how insecure their own Diebold voting machines are, this is a MUST SEE:

The cure? How to solve this problem with e-voting security? Independent media. Independent media – the only way out. Oh, that and fixing the voting problem yourself. All other methods are futile tail-chasing because:

Corporate media is rich people paying rich people to convince the middle class that the poor are the problem

Unplug and spread the word!


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