Cops Kill Dogs for Fun and Pleasure

UPDATE 4./27.2012: Huffington post does extensive reporting on this subject, coined cops killing pet dogs as puppycide.

This will be a continuously updated post highlighting stories of Cops shooting family dogs without the dogs sowing any aggression to them other than barking (kinda what dogs do after all)

“I said, ‘Don’t shoot him. Don’t shoot my dog. He won’t bite you.’ But he shot him, just like that. It all happened in under 30 seconds,” Paxton said. “There was no attack on the officer other than barking and challenging him.”

NICE, new one, cops shoot dog playing frisbee in its own backyard:

here is a link that shows the office shrugging his shoulders in front of the dead dog when confronted by the owner:

And here is a cop shooting a pet dog in the head WHILE THE DOG IS RESTRAINED:

any force necessary, really?


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