Superchimp Discovered, Breeding Program Begins to Select for Intelligence

Stop the presses – a “super chimp” has been discovered that is three times smarter than his peers – he learned 308 words in about 3 months!

Now a breeding program has been initiated to produce a super-super chimp. (well I have no evidence for this but it is the obvious super-secret thing to do don’t you think?) Via force breeding and back crossing to select for certain traits that we consider markers for “intelligence”

You heard it here first!

On a related topic, why doesn’t anyone breed dogs for personality rather than how they “look”?

million dollar idea: spend your life breeding dogs for personality, create a dog so personable that even the super chimp would want one as a pet.


2 thoughts on “Superchimp Discovered, Breeding Program Begins to Select for Intelligence

    • i feel the same way. it wasn’t my idea either – I got it from some PBS program on the history of dogs or something. Hopefully someone gets the idea stuck in their head and actually breeds dogs for intelligence rather than physical traits – that would be amazing…after about 75 years. totally worth it, what a contribution to humanity for untold generations!! I would do it but I can’t get past the culling process. euthanizing puppies you intentionally made can’t be good for the soul. It is either that or finding a home for a million free puppies in your local area.

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