Zombie Location in Brain Discovered

The general Zombie theory is that your brain is still alive but only exists at its most primitive level. As you may know, the human brain contains layers built upon layers and you can remove all those layers until you get down to a brain equivalent of a lizard.
2012 - I Shall Rise Again

How the Zombie Brain was Discovered

What scientist have done is a zombie-based study of  positron emission tomography brain scans of people (who volunteered, using real zombies would be too dangerous) coming out of anesthesia and discovered the sequence as parts of the brain “woke up” when the patient first regains consciousness. This initial period of awakening is characterized by delerium and lack of coordination – AKA Zombie Brain – as the brain “re boots” itself, starting from the inner core and working outwards.

The emergence of consciousness was found to be associated with activations of deep, primitive brain structures rather than the evolutionary younger neocortex.

My brain
This is a good start but it must be more complex than zombies just being “younger evolutionarily” versions of modern humans. Surely there is some symbiosis with bacteria or fungus that controls motivation – like the fungus that takes over ants brains and makes them climb to a high spot before their brain explodes to release more zombie spores. To further that idea at least one scientist hypothesizes that the brain stem alone cannot be enough for zombies to function.

Sure, “peer-reviewed-and-published” fancy-pants university-tenured scientitians probably don’t even think zombies can be understood at this point due to the lack of sample size. But me, I don’t need facts to believe and certainly not to prepare, for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. If you think this is all fun and games – it isn’t. A global pandemic is ripe and eminent just ask the CDC – Even the government is asking you to prepare!

Even the Centers for disease control is asking the US population to prepare for a future zombie outbreak.

Don’t be a fool. You think it is just a coincidence that “The Walking Dead” television series is one of the most popular shows of all time? Nope, it is science doing what science does best: predicting the future so we can prepare for it (being zombies in this case).

Hollywood is in bed with the government and in order to ease our mental transition to a new reality the “governments” are trying to get us used to the fact that zombies will be the new reality. WAKE UP PEOPLE~!

Resources for further education on the topic:

Full zombie brain scan article on Science Daily here.

The study was part of the "Neurophilosophy of Consciousness" project funded by the Academy of Finland (Research Programme on Neuroscience, project No. 8111818)

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