When you hold your breath while dreaming do you hold it in real life?

Dream: riding a car on an elevated road. Road gets skinnier, I see a point up ahead that is too skinny for the car and stop, but not in time. car falls off and into deep water. I open door for escape but foot caught in the car. trying not to panic, I released my foot from my shoe with some effort while the car sank so deep everything was black.
Returning to the surface I wasn’t sure if I should float or swim due to the requirement for oxygen. eventually i needed to breath so started swimming up, seeing light now. But it is too late, I need air so bad I breathe in water.. It surprised that it didn’t kill me or hurt and then I realized I was lucid dreaming. The dream ended almost immediately after that realization, before I reached the surface. I guess Ill never know if I made it or not.


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