Flour tortillas without interesterified oil or trans fat

They don’t exist, at least not in my part of the world. Sure, they proudly claim”zero trans fats” but how can they lie like that and still look at themselves in the mirror? Interesterified oil isn’t technically trans fat it is just as worse. Interesterfied oils is a work around put into place when the FDA mandated trans fat labeling and it makes me sick.

So for now it is either corn tortillas or homemade flour tortillas, I am not putting that garbage into my body.
Thanks for nothing Mission!
Thanks for nothing Resers!
Thanks for nothing Don Pancho! an excerpt from your website:

“You can rely on Don Pancho brand tortillas for wholesome, authentic flavors — the kind that come from using only the finest ingredients and Mexican recipes. “

My ass! Maybe out of a Mexican meth lab but I doubt many recipes for flour tortillas in Mexico contain interesterfied oils in the ingredient list!

Seems this new evil oil is the result of ADM:


The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the term “interesterified soybean oil” on product labels of Archer Daniels Midland Co.’s (ADM) products containing Novalipids™ oils and shortenings, according to INFORM report. After requesting clarification from the FDA regarding the appropriate labeling description of enzymatically interesterified oils and shortening, ADM was advised that interesterified fats containing a stearate content of greater than 20% may be properly labeled as “interesterified soybean oil,” with the possible additional descriptor of “high in stearic acid” or “stearate rich.”

This designation for ADM’s interesterified ingredients will allow customers to replace the term “hydrogenated”, which is perceived increasingly by consumers as being unhealthy, with the term “interesterified” when describing these ingredient declaration. ADM’s interesterified fats are produced from fully hydrogenated soybean oil, which is then interesterified with conventional soybean oil to produce a product without the trans fatty acid content of partially hydrogenated fats.


3 thoughts on “Flour tortillas without interesterified oil or trans fat

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