Holy Water for Sale – Bulk Quantities

Offering bulk quantities of holy water for sale by the gallon via paypal and US mail or by the tanker-full (please call for quote, customer must supply tanker truck).
Serious inquiries only please.
Water made holy by legally ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.


4 thoughts on “Holy Water for Sale – Bulk Quantities

  1. How much is the one gallon and what is postage costs of the holy water. Is there proof of the holy waters authenticity? James

  2. Sure James, thanks for asking. I am a minister of the Universal Life Church and upon receipt I will provide you with my name so you can query their database. Or you could get yourself or a friend ordained on their website at http://www.ulc.org/ordination/
    “Bless water – turn water into sanctified holy water after you become a minister”
    James, I assure you this is no joke. The United States Supreme Court has even ruled on the matter. People ordained by the Universal Life Church are bona fide ministers and deserve all the legal respect any other ordained holy position may hold. See this case: Universal Life Church v. State of Utah, January 17th, 2002 and others, here: http://www.ulccaselaw.com/ulc-legal-cases.php
    Oh by the way, my holy water is free, I only charge for for actual shipping costs via USPS flat rate boxes. What I do is put the holy water in old wine bladders out of those boxes of wine. Haven’t had one break yet!!

  3. a ULC ordination doesnt provide any spiritual authority per se. It would depend on the person in that case as well as the prayer and ritual.

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