Two Santa Clause Theory – Republican Strategy

Listening to Thom Hartman talking about the Two Santa Clause Theory, apparently in 1974 a guy named Jude Lawinski figured out that the masses like it when Democrats act on their behalf (as Santa giving social security, Medicare, help for poor, etc.) and came up with a strategy for Republicans to undermine that. Forum discussion here and video of Thom talking about the theory here:

The plan is basically to spend US monies like “Santa Clause” when they are in control (with crumbs given to the poor and the majority given to wealthy interests like defense contractors and tax cuts for the 1%) then when Democrats swing into the majority scream keywords like “debt” “deficit” and “overspending” – all as descriptors blaming Democratic legislation for the problem. Then they force cuts in spending to social programs as well as cuts in taxes (mostly to the 1%)
Brilliant way to take advantage of the natural oscillation between Democratic and Republican majorities in the legislative branch. How to counter this? Educate the masses, research data points, publish it.

A brilliant post about it here:


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