Cronyism in HR Hiring and the Workplace Politics that Result

I have been talking a lot about Cronyism in the workplace. You can’t outlaw it, the best way to know what you’re getting is still if someone internal can vouch for them. This shows that the interview HR processes in modern business are still no better at selecting high-quality applicants than random (like the stock market). There is a good study right there. But what happens in real life then is whenever one of these high-up business types gets a job, they have to protect themselves by immediately beginning to replace anyone who might move against them or who was already internal and is bitter about not getting the job. They plant their own friends and ex-coworkers into related positions around them as much as possible.

I have seen waves of this replacement behavior occur at all my  jobs, 3 “generations” worth at at the current one now. Its amazing, and very smart politically. But it leads to:

  • incredible amounts of loss in productivity and
  • money wasted on political BS.

Starts to feel like government and business are no more or less efficient than the other…its just that we can only control business with our spending and government with our participation. And they work to attempt to distract us into doing neither all the time.


One thought on “Cronyism in HR Hiring and the Workplace Politics that Result

  1. I actually blog too and I’m posting a little something alike to
    this excellent article, “Cronyism in HR Hiring and the Workplace Politics that Result
    | Intellectual Conversation – a lifelong memetic transfusion”.
    Will you care in the event Iimplement a bit of of your own concepts?
    Thanks -Norris

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