“dark matter” found to be just “rocks”

Gee if we are just discovering planets it was a pretty broad statement to say dark matter is not planets. they say it is too cold to be planets but i always wondered why it couldn’t be that instruments aren’t strong enough (read:Kepler satellite!)
from: http://www2b.abc.net.au/science/k2/stn/archives/archive133/newposts/2568/topic2568204.shtm

“dark matter can’t be rocks. We have mathematical models of the rate of rock formation as a function of the amount of dust, most interstellar rock is formed from dust. But most importantly, if dark matter was rocks then we would see some of these as they pass through the solar system and they would have orbits that completely distinguish them from comets and asteroids. No such rocks have been seen.”

Well that is a pretty broad statement. Either people are way too confident in their technology (when your tool is a hammer everything looks like a nail) or there is some serious BIG stuff out there that cannot be accounted for.

Nova’s Niel Degrass covers it in a short segment here but the explanation still leaves me wanting

Watch Dark Matter, Of Mice and Memory, Hany Farid, Wisdom of the Crowds on PBS. See more from NOVA SCIENCENOW.


Yes, I know I am ingnorant and WRONG but it hasn’t been explained well enough to non scientists. At the minimum they aren’t putting in effort proportional to the amount of coverage this magical ether of mysterious stuff called dark matter really is.


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