How to make a bootable privatix linux USB flash drive for private web surfing

you boot from CDROM as before. Choose “Live” not failsafe, it should work for you. boot all the way up (takes a sec from CD)

then, you use “su” root password:


thats the user pass AND the root pass for all CDROM’s. When you create USB, you get to set your own for both passes. The “normal” bootup user is

user: privatix
pass: privatix

same as for root (but username is root there)

if you go “su” and hit return, type privatix, you should see


type prompt after. If you type exit at any point and hit return, it hsould go back to this:


all the rest works the same as before instructions for making any live cd. if you want I could write a script (we could even post it online) that would do it all for you in one command line like this:

makeusb /home/pablo/Downloads/linux.iso /dev/sdb

where first argument is the ISO location, second is the /dev device file location. There is a folder at the / (top level like C drive sort of) folder where a folder called ‘dev’ lives. you can get to it with

cd /dev; ls

to list the contents. each ‘file’ is an open IO port into a device on your system. the ‘sd’ part is usual a usb drive or phone of some sort. your usb without formatting is ussually going to be ‘sdb’ or ‘sdc’ maybe ‘sda’ but not likely. if formmated, it also has a number like your C drive will from Ubuntu as in /dev/hda2 or /dev/hdb1 or something… the numbers are not exactly set, they change from boot up to boot up sometimes and depending on order of hotplug of usb’s etc.


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