canon pixma ip 4820 hack tips for printing disk labels directly

Using the CD-Print-Tool V7 I was able to reset the firmware of the 4820 printer to think it was a european version, not a US version. See, in Europe the Canon pixma ip 4820 (an others) can print ink directly on cd and dvd surfaces, giving you a pro look without labels which are cheap looking, peel off and can cause imbalances when playing.
Epson has some kind of patent here and NO ONE can print direct to disks besides them. well, on a standard inkjet anyways. Im fine with that BUT Epson printers CLOG constantly and doing a clean cycle makes the problem worse. Unless you print every month or so – forever – then if you skip say 6 months, plug it in to print and it will be as good as dead because you can’t replace the print heads. With the Canon, you can. After going through 4 Epson printers with the same clog of death problem I swore them off forever so Canon printers were my only hope.  — read this page in full

great site that goes through step by step BUT remember you have to have paper loaded in both trays AND
I needed to follow this guy Nick’s comments in the above webpage comment section to get it to work. Otherwise CD Print Tool v7 would just quit after the third step.

1) complete the printer set-up as stated in the instruction manual.

2) start and complete step one listed above.

3) load paper into both the cassette and the rear tray feed.

4) now start step 2 following the single letters.

5) after the third click on ‘set’ CD Print Tool v7 will quit

6) restart it, set the area to ‘EUR’ and click ‘Print 2′ – Do not click ‘set’. I only got two pages from this, one with colours and a list of ‘things=things’. On this sheet “cdrs=(0000)” was listed in the first line of text. The second sheet simply printed “CDR SENSOR=OK”.
The reason for only two may have been that I printed out the first sheet the day before when I clicked “Print” – “Print 2″ didn’t work and crashed the system first time round.

7) Click ‘OK’ in the screens that are up and repeat one more ‘EUR’ adjustment with ‘Set’

8) Then adjust ‘EUR” one further time and click “Print”. This action should provide a printout of the first page (similar to the above trio of pages). This time ‘(CDRS=0082)’

9) I then simply unplugged from the PC and put the USB back into my mac and – viola – I printed my first disc on my hacked printer.

Just to note – it took me three attempts to get the read out to change to ‘EUR’ on the print out. This was my fourth attempt with the PC and it worked very smoothly. The first three times I did not have paper loaded in both feeders, and when I hit “Print 2″ for the first time after following the instructions for the second time, the CD Print Tool crashed the PC. A little more patience then and I would have been up and running quicker.

Basically you let the Print Tool quit after the third step, start it back up then (with EUR selected)  press the “print 2” button. After it prints, confirm the printout codes, my first try before this guys tip is below, then the winning confirmation:

do two more “SET” button presses with EUR selected and then hit the “print” button. Note he says his procedure is for a different model but it worked fine for my model too.

Oh, for the print out codes you want CDRS=(0000) to be ANYTHING other than 0000. Mine was 0082, others 0088, just depends. That and it should print a barcode inding in EUR  and another page with the words CDR SENSOR=OK.


printout confirms that the hack worked and the printer can be used to print on disks

Uninstall and reinstall the printer and all is good.

Hopefully canon doesn’t change the driver to make it so the USA and EUROPE have different cartridges. There was a comment on the site about that but hopefully it was just an epson rep. trying to scare people?

Thanks guys and good riddance to Epson printers forever!


7 thoughts on “canon pixma ip 4820 hack tips for printing disk labels directly

      it is right there in the page, press control-f and copy and paste this :

      that should take you right there, downloads fine for me but you know you need a program to unzip it. try searching for 7-zip, it is free and works great.

      here is a direct url for downloading it, just copy and paste. As much as i hate hotlinking im excited to get a comment on the blog!

  1. Some canadian retailers sell the ip4820 WITH the tray already. I assume the printer firmware also has the disc printing feature enabled. Maybe buying from them is the easier way than the hack.

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