Funny search terms people use to find my site

someone was looking on google images for pictures of santa eating children.

turns out Im #2 right now for images for santa eating kids because I wrote a bit about santa talking about eating his best friends to little kids and thought it was creepy… woo hoo.

and someone was looking for a pic – twice last week – of “House vicodin bottle”, where they found my screenshot and rant about the fears around that drug. (I hope its fair use, please dont sue me FOX)

looking for a baby psychology experiment?

Way down at #10 there is my brilliant peiece about my imaginary cloned baby farm. Someone actually made a thought out comment but I am too dumb to understand it.

the most amusing to me (and sad) is when someone is looking for a definition of inlettectual conversation and types this in:

what is an intellectual conversation?

this blog is like #8 in google and that is scary. I should really step up my game. This blog has devolved into rants I write to myself for the sake of ranting.


what is my #1 post? By far, it is people looking for information on “onetravel scam” or variations of that word. With that little post I help about 1500 people a year understand the fine print behind the too-good-to-be-true prices on that site. That makes me smile and know it is all worth while (BTW, onetravel still hasn’t offered to refund the money).


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