Mt. Baker and Table Mountain Landscape Lit by Moonlight

Researching a skiing trip at Mount Baker, I came across these images. Note all images open in a separate tab.

stitched panorama of Mt Baker ski area and table mountain, take at night on tripod

Mt Baker ski area to the left, Mt. Shuksan in the rear and Table Mountain to the right with a frozen lake in the foreground.

three exposures stitched in a panorama, showing the frozen Bagley lakes in the foreground with Mt. Baker ski area to the left and Table mountain to the right. Shows cross country and downhill skiing trails and Mt. Shuksan in the Background.

Trivia Question: What ski area in the united states is named after a mountain it is not located on?
Answer: The Mt. Baker ski area is located on the slopes of Mt. Shuksan

Strange, isn’t it? Look it up for yourself on the map. Here is a link to the location the above panorama was taken from: , click “hybrid” on the right and zoom in to see satellite image. Alternatively here is a link to the ski area via google maps.

Table Mountain

Above is another perspective of Table mountain, taken from the x-country skiing trail as you enter the valley from the parking lot

And below is another version showing more of the “table” in Table Mountain with a snow cave in the foreground.
snow cave with table mountain

Here is an alternate view from the same panorama location, showing a snow boarder that hiked up the mountain so he could ride down it for free. You can see the western flank of Table Mountain in the background but not very well.
hiking up a mountian and snowboarding down a mountain


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