hot water testicle bath for male sterilization

auto regulated at 116f with circulation, timer and alarm. hooked up to auto tweet and call your cell phone if you are late. Selling price: $200.

what I need to get around is having it electrically heated and having a comfortable position to use it in. During online computer use?

“”A man sits in a [shallow or testes-only] bath of 116 degrees Fahrenheit for forty-five minutes daily for three weeks. Six months of sterility results,”


why doesnt EVERY MAN KNOW ABOUT THIS? $$$$$$ from above:

“Since money can be made only from creative applications of the method (not from patenting the method itself), no large pharmaceutical firm will sponsor it.”

heck, I might even make my device USB powered. so it can heat the device monitor temp AND log time.

uh-oh, maybe it isnt reversible:


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