male contraceptives – alternatives under delevopment

excerpted from a survey on vasagel:
2. What male contraceptives are you most interested in? (You can read more about the choices at or You can choose more than one.

  1. Hormonal (testosterone + progestin)- injections every 2 months
  2. Hormonal (testosterone + progestin)- daily gel
  3. RISUG 10+-year nonhormonal vas deferens injection- I’d go to India for it
  4. RISUG- I live in India (note: clinical trials are open in India now, but only for men with 2+ children)
  5. RISUG, once it’s made in the U.S. (Vasalgel)
  6. The pill in clinical trials in Indonesia (gendarussa justicia)
  7. The pill from a Chinese plant (Tripterygium wilfordii)
  8. Other plant-based pills (e.g. carica papaya or oleanolic acid)
  9. Ultrasound (15-minute treatment every 6 months)
  10. Modified underwear that holds the testes in the inguinal canal during the day (artificial cryptorchidism)

  11. Hot baths or hot packs (45 minutes a day for 3 weeks every 6 months)
  12. Heat methods as a backup for condoms
  13. Chinese mesh-core intra-vas device (IVD)
  14. Other (there’ll be space below to tell about it)

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