How to Make a Motor with One Wire and a Magnet

Just came across this video while search for ripple tanks, this would be a great way to teach the youth about simple motor principles. I’m so excited I must try it myself!

What you need

  1. Copper wire
  2. Neodymium magnet
  3. AA battery

..and probably something to bend the wire with.

a brief explanation of what is going on from wiki:

current in the wire is not parallel to the magnetic field, there occurs a Lorentz force that is perpendicular to both. This Lorentz force is tangential and produces a torque in the wire, so that the wire rotates.

Lorentz force? F**king magnets!

The guy’s website that made the video:

A Wikipedia article for more information on homopolar motors:

I love the internets – how different my life would be if I had access to it when growing up!


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