TIL You have to pay for your “right” to a trial by jury

The entire judicial system in the USA is so skewed against the poor it is sickening.

Falsely accused and want a trial by jury of twelve of your peers? That will be $250 in my local district court and that sickens me.

Imagine asking a subsistence farmer to pay that kind of money vs a billionaire. It isn’t right to ask a poor person to forfeit several months worth of disposable income. Heck in India that is one tenth of your annual income – and I’m sure the fees don’t stop there. If the fees are there to discourage abuse of the court system then make it a sliding scale (like that will ever happen)

Here is a pdf link to a  district court fee schedule in N Carolina

People, here is the deal: these aren’t “fees” they are “taxes on the poor”.  The rich say “cutting taxes” but it is only cutting taxes for THEM. A rich person’s “tax cut” is a poor person’s “tax hike”, and there isn’t any way around that logic. (go ahead, try). See the “new” fees in the above link that are highlighted in orange? That is the GW tax cut. If the rich paid their FAIR SHARE like they did in the oh-so glorious and prosperous 1950’s (which spawned the middle class to begin with) you know how much money that would be? $350 Billion a year (and that is just by rolling back tax cuts on dividends and capital gains) in extra federal revenue to provide services and infrastructure that everyone and especailly the poor rely on.

The rich make most of their money DOING NOTHING but raking in dividend checks and playing the stock market. The only real way to create capital is LABOR, the rich are just shuffling cards. Meanwhile they control the media to such an extent the average american thinks mass media is “liberal media”. Yeah, right. They are only as liberal as the monster corporations like GE that own them, playing puppet master with our minds.

So the next time you hear tax cut, think tax hike on the poor. Look around, it is happening everywhere. Bus routes cut, you have to pay to go to a state park, parking fees and fines increased, so on and so on ( I don’t feel like adding more examples right now, you know what I mean).

Here is a handy graph not really related to the subject but an example of how $250 to a black man is not the same as $250 to a white man:for further reading here is an AWESOME article on income distribution inequality in the US of A.


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