Minced Zygote Baby Farm – an Experiment in Human Psychology

I hesitate to release unto the world such a brilliant idea but here goes:

You can “clone” babies pretty easily by just mashing up the zygote. So lets say we start with 50 clones and freeze 49 of them.

  • Implant the zygote
  • Birth the Baby
  • Repeat every year or two, same household, same parents (until you need to go surrogate)

The experiment: how would the social landscape of the sister sister relationship evolve through time if you could find out from your immediate clones what EXACT advice you need to get through your particular life-stage?



2 thoughts on “Minced Zygote Baby Farm – an Experiment in Human Psychology

  1. I have to disagree with the premise of such a thought experiment. While each clone would be an exact copy of her older sisters in vitro, once born the process of divergence would begin. The younger sibling would pass through the same plethora of experiences, give or take, that her elders had, but her responses would be, no doubt, while similar due to identical biological influences, her own.

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