Republicans are “anti-intellectual” and the Tea Party is “racist.”

there I said it. Problem is, the NPR prez quit today not because HE said itbut because HE QUOTED SOMEONE SAYING IT AND THE RECORDING OF HIM SAYING THAT WAS EDITED TO MAKE IT APPEAR AS HIS OWN WORDS.

flipping scum.


one republicon said:

“”Our concern is not about any one person at NPR, rather it’s about millions of taxpayers. NPR has admitted that they don’t need taxpayer subsidies to thrive, and at a time when the government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar that it spends, we certainly agree with them,””

so so very true but you are WASTING TIME talking about the parsely when the meat, potatoes and macncheese is taking up 95% of the plate! THAT is exactly why you are anti intellectual. Diversionary tactics dont work on the educated.


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