Vicodin addiction is a joke – NOT POSSIBLE

Latest episode of House had Cutty dumping House cause he took vicodin before he visited her on her (supposed) deathbed. Episode finished with a scene where house dramatically takes TWO Vicodin pills (orally) in the bathroom. oooohhhh

the dramatic closeup right before house decides to pop the bottle

WTF ever, vicodin addiction is IMPOSSIBLE – or nearly anyways. Why? It has so much acetaminophen in it you would die of liver failure in no time if you took enough pills to get moderately stoned. Heck, even the US medical whatever recently REDUCED their max acetaminophen recommendation from one gram to 800mg. How much is in an “extra strength” vicodin? 750MG per 7mg hydrocodone. How much in regular? 500mg per 5mg hydrocodone. Get the trend? TWO PILLS maxes out your DAILY DOSE unless you are DUMB or don’t care.

There is a conspiracy afoot to ban all use of any drug that provides any “pleasure”, and the media blitz against vicodin is a perfect example of that. (note:  he is not really getting pure hydrocodone, that doesn’t exist in the USA but regardless that isn’t high up on the abusable list of opiates)

here is a quote from wiki:

Per os hydrocodone has a MEDD factor of .4, meaning that 1 mg of hydrocodone is equivalent to .4 mg of intravenous morphine. However, because of morphine’s low oral bioavailability, there is a 1:1 correspondence between orally administered morphine and orally administered hydrocodone.

BTW Mathew Perry, you are a fucking pussy and your interview saying that dentists are to blame for prescribing this “very powerful medication like candy” is loathsome. Oh, the pain and suffering people are enduring for mindless fear of addiction! PISS OFF.


9 thoughts on “Vicodin addiction is a joke – NOT POSSIBLE

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  2. You have no Idea what you’re talking about. I am sorry I didn’t see the MD next your name. First it is very addicting that’s why most addicts do something called Cold water extraction. It eliminates more then half the amount of apap . Hydro is water soluble thus making it easy to extract the apap and not even needed a chemistry set. I could wiki copy and paste it for you. Second your so off on the amount apap that is consumable it is 3mg in the us. That 3000 and you could even get away with 4 but it’s not recommend. Check your facts! They make something called norco which is Hydro but 5/325 7.5/325 10./325 you take them all day and not reach your max. House is a show but addiction is real life. If you never been down that road and thank god you haven’t don’t speak about shit you don’t know. You don’t die over night, it take people years before they will have health problem. Yes it does mess up there liver but there brain is so overcome by opiate addiction that they do relational things.

    • You got me, I really do appreciate being called out on this stuff. My 800mg was based on recommended maximum SINGLE dose, not the maximum that will actually be toxic (which would depend on a lot of factors). And the 4 grams max recommended over a course of a day is not a single dose. If you were addicted you would probably be dosing more than once a day. So if 2 grams was your limit per dose because you dosed 2x a day then even with your potent “narco” 10/325 pills you would only get 61mg hydrocodone per dose – roughly equivalent to 3mg IV dilaudid.
      Cold water extraction? Addicts may do it because they don’t care but non-addicted people would be risking their liver unless they knew for sure it worked. Even if you dry and weigh it you can’t account for binders that may or may not dissolve.
      Sad thing is acetaminophen can destroy your liver without any symptoms, especially if you drink. And by comparison the “evil narcotic” is relatively harmless aside from the potential risk of addiction, which, if this stuff were legal and cost next to nothing, would just be another way of life one might choose – however pathetic that may be. As is, there is such a scare on opiates that you can’t even get a single measly vicodin to dull the pain of a cracked rib. What is the risk of writing a script for six for someone limping in pain? Madness.
      Thanks for being part of the conversation!

    • thx for the info im gona try the water thing your awesome i think ill try 12 so like 60mg hydro but dont worry im only doing it once.

  3. i took 6 Vicodin at once 30mg of hydro prescribed and literally did not feel any sort of high what so ever or any sickness if your addicted to Vicodin its safe to say you are addicted to a lot of things btw i don’t have an opiate tolerance, but Vyvanse now thats a hell of a drug.

  4. When he says vicodin addiction i think he just means pain pills in genera because, in one of his newer episodes he takes a bunch of oxycotins

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