Hey CBS – survivor advice

So i am on your website, thirsty for survivor episodes and webisodes. how about offering a full survivor episode and an ‘extended” one that wasn’t recut or anything but weaved in all the online “extras” into a seamless experience? You know, all of the little interviews & behind the scenes  that are available as clips on the website. I don’t wanna wade through and manually click…and I am a devout follower so serve it up proper, flood it with ads, play to your hard core audience already! heck if hulu wont do it you could at least take a stab at it, eh? Because it would be so valuable to a fan you could even make people log in for it & easily track their behavior.  Once logged in you could subscribe to the types of extras so for instance I only want extras with these two people in them. Then CBS servers take that info and deliver a custom episode served up to their desire. Downside is hardcore fans probably watch it on the original airdate anyways.

Here is a direct link to survivor video at CBS: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor/video/?play=true&pid=qt6ilwRMN1dn0Pk7eBgp0G8u0nQJU8mF

EDIT: Holy smokes, the traffic on this entire blog spiked by 1000% over two days  (march 4th and 5th) with this post alone. Is CBS actually listening?


I see no inbound links, no search terms pointing to this…


i guess it is the best case scenario. I LOVE THE INTERNETS


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