Dark Side of the Moon UFO Landing Strip

Perusing the new high definition photos of the dark side of the moon, I came across this UFO landing strip with clearly deliniated terminals. The runway isn’t 100% straight due to an obvious fault line running through it but the image still stands by itself that the aliens are using the dark side of the moon as a base for earth exploration!

landing strip on the dark side of the moon


8 thoughts on “Dark Side of the Moon UFO Landing Strip

  1. Are you insane? There is no aliens coming to Earth. Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense, they would fly thousands of light years to come and hide in our moon.

    • The post was kind of a mockumentary. Sorry if it came up in your search results and wasted your time but believe it or not there are some people out there that want to believe so bad that any evidence is good evidence to them.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Look, I have no doubt that Earth has been visited before. I’m not even opposed to the idea that aliens do in fact have at leas an observation post close by to check us out and make sure we don’t take out anyone else as we destroy ourselves. But that photo in no way whatsoever looks even remotely like a runway. Not to mention, what good would a runway be on a planetary body lacking an aptmosphere? None. And do you really think technology powerful enough to travel from star to star would really rely on something so basic as wing generated lift? Dude, you make all of us sane people who actually allow room for the reality of the highly likely possibility that aliens are actually visiting us look like your brand of crazy. You’re seeing what you wana see in this photo, not what’s really there.

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