living wall succulents online resources

UPDATE: If you don’t have the time/knowledge/resources to make your own you can talk with a local plant/succulent monger.  If you supply the frame expect a 2.5ftx2.5ft frame filled with an array of succulents to cost about $400. That’s cheap! All the time spent designing and planting, prepping hundreds of pups…

This is a list of links that will be helpful for someone wanting to build a living wall, which is basically a frame with dirt in it that grows plants;

Kits for living walls:

note to self; coir fiber mat would work great, use it on top of a layer of rockwool for a prettier more organic presentation

a great how to guide, explaining that they use homemade cuttings. that explains how they could afford to do it!

(You’ll want about 60 for a 6- by 12-inch frame.)

if you don’t have a succulent garden to get cuttings from ebay is always available;’

note to self: I know people with succulents growing in their garden/walkway. perhaps i should just ask them nicely for some pups, tell the story and i bet they would be happy to know their plant is growing on my wall

looks like this is a long project.

Martha stewart weighs in on the subject:

lady talking about a living wall module for sale:

same product as above in more detail:

regarding living all pockets that are available. certainly a simpler option;


these guys plumbed it directly into the wall, amazing!

the evo organic aria:

a great overview of commercially available living walls

Im looking more for DIY info though.

off topic but these hanging art plants look really cool

this site has lots of great info, now im considering a moss wall with rocks and troughs/hills making a pattern.

getting back to DIY stuff, this guy talks about turning old crates into living walls, pretty cool idea:

UPDATE: This is hard, very hard. Especially when you add in 1)overwatering 2)insects 3)excess elongation check out these pics:

3 months after planting the pups. it got overwatered and infested

showing flowering succulents

If you are looking for somewhere that has these frames for sale good luck. Contact me and I can forward you to a person that built ours but it would be easier to post an ad on craigslist or equivalent, stating your budget.

After having the living wall for almost a year I can give you this unequivocal advice: the “soil” medium is very important to avoid over watering. I have not tried it but rockwool or a rockwool blend may be ideal to help prevent over-watering as well as discouraging soil borne insects. Aside from that you may have issues with some plants growing much faster than others so be prepared to trim things back as you desire, letting them run wild will probably result in one plant species completely dominating the limited space in the frame. Good luck!


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