santa isnt vegan? Wants to eat his favorite friends! -Video

evening magazine 12.2.2010

santa at children’s science center video montage

santa talking to kid about the joy of killing his friends and eating their meat

santa (Jim Dever): is there any special Christmas food that you like to eat?
kid: stuffed turkey

santa:I have some friends who are turkeys.
kid: You do?

Santa: Yes, i do. There is  gobbler and feather boy and there is waddle head  and they are my favorite turkey friends and i am going to eat them for xmas!
kid:  Why not?

Me: that’s it. I’m making a video of Santa killing and eating Rudolph. Maybe that would get across the ethics of eating meat, especially your friends. Kids just don’t see the connection between a happy meal and the needless misery and suffering that it comes from.

view the video here, it is totally morbid. The turkey kid starts at -0:53, 2:20, santa talks of eating his freinds :

Santa also makes fun of the kids ability to do simple math, saying they are going to get a calculator for christmas.

Just to round out the post, here is a  wiki article on the ethics of eating meat


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