Dino Rossi : (supposed) Lies, Confusion, Half Truths and Deceptions

Doing some research I came upon these dirty little truths:

“Foreclosure profiteer” flashes on the screen in front of a picture of Rossi.


why don’t the farmers even like Dino?

Dino is mega-rich clueless republican shill to confuse and infuriate the masses for the gain of big business – which makes sense if you are of the washingtonians that earn more than 200k per year – which is 33% of the entire population according to his half truths.

how Dino Rossi drove Washington state into MASSIVE debt while claiming victory!

Well kids, if that isnt enough to make you vote against him (regardless of what you think of patty, one of the most powerful polititians in “the other Washington”) then your mind was made up before you even started reading these resources.


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