as for curiosity:

there has never been a time when curiosity was more rewarding than now, there has never been so much engaging knowledge to be had nor more need for its use than now. Everything our current system is founded on is atop a mountain of technology and that technology is not static its changing and evolving every minute, co-evolving with us. its like we created a new portal into all our brains and out of all our communications (writing speaking , film) portals and gave the world of criminal strangers and greedy hateful elites total access to ourselves. what an odd transitional and eventful time to be in. we have so many satisfying answers to questions people spent whole confused lives trying to understand right now, and so much left to know.

for me, i’ve never been more curious than i am these days. there is an ocean of new stuff that is directly in our “adjacent possible”, the software shit i am studying has the feeling of abstract, universal “meta-pattern” language for classifying the various ways humans conceptualize structure and recognize patterns. the structural design pattern ideas applied in this completely abstract but concretely structured thought-space are like “seed memes” for how humans classify and interpret their world, and teach you much more about how people think than they do about machine processing. that part is more of a side-effect.

the patterns are there for YOU, the machine doesn’t need them and in most cases they are compiled away before the machine ever gets a look at your work any way. they are a mirror of what your brain does when you look across the valley, holding your spear, wondering if you should risk the tusk of the boar to get at the sweet gazelle meat below. or when you sit down to invent a better solar panel, or write an encrypting kernel driver.

and when you see the applications people put this new system of technology too, you feel like you’re right at the budding flowering tip of the plant, all of nature has led to this. the OS resembles a circulatory system, the network a nervous system, too much for this to be an accident, this is evolution proceding in its new problem space of the cyber world, hunting blindly for the next level to invade and re-order.

there is an intelligence (ours) selectively shaping this environment all the time. there is a constant stream of outside stimulus from the network all the time, selecting for and influencing all. this is a new ecosystem and it is a mirror of what we are and what we see in our world.

so i would say there’s lots to be curious about, and great rewards to be had in terms of the knowledge and your ability to leverage it in the world for good. the greatest rewards i think always lie at the end of curiosity, and only through satisfying curiosity and building familiarity can you then apply real deep creativity to anything. if you have to think about snapping the photo or not and the moment passes, did you “miss it” or had your eyes not had enough experience recognizing when they are witnessing a “moment” to get done training your brain, spinal cord, nerves, hands, fingers (your native toolchain!) to catch that event with appropriate motion activity yet?


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