Brilliant Idea for Developmental Psychology Experiment of Fears

Listening to a radio program on memories and irrational fears. Talking about how people develop fears at ages 2 to 4 but do not have memories of what caused those fears yet they still retain those fears (fear of red hair, fear of masks, fear of dark,etc). Apparently noon rememberst anything before age 4-5 yet the years 2-4 are very formative. If people think they remember it is because someone told them the memory and they consolidated it with “real” memories.
MY IDEA: from ages 2-4 have the child wear dual helmet cams 24/7. A “highlights reel” will be edited down and they can watch these videos in 3-d in complete darkness every sunday starting at age 4. This will imp[rint the memory of their formative years into their cognitive years by exercising those memories rather than purging them. The assumption is that at age 5 you CAN remember age 4 but at age 9 you can remember age 5 but NOT age 4. Kind of like waking up and remembering your dream very vividly and not imagining that you could possibly forget it. Yet come lunchtime you almost always forget it unless you continually and methodicaly “remember” it by playing a highlights reel in your head.
Stay tuned for next bright idea: Minced zygote baby farm


One thought on “Brilliant Idea for Developmental Psychology Experiment of Fears

  1. I fear they will develop a fear of 3D video after watching.

    Smells trigger memories stronger than other senses. How could you incorporate smells into your experiment?

    ps – really looking forward to the minced zygote baby farm post

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