The Jalapeno Conspiracy – milder and milder every year

I first started noticing the blandness of jalapenos a few years ago in my favorite pizza – jalapenos and pineapple. At first I thought it was just a bad batch or a crummy year but now the “dumbing down” of the jalapeno has progressed to the point of a mild salad pepper.
I presume it must have to do with the marketing popularity of jalapenos and the recent popularity of cheese stuffed deep fried jalapenos – thanks for nothing food scientists!

I remember ordering jalapenos on a pizza as a kid and they seriously burned to the point of ecstasy. I routinely eat  peperoncinis that are hotter than jalapeno poppers or the pizza topping from my local restaurant. What has happened? What kind of mediocre hell is this world coming to? Shall I thank capitalism for the paste in my trough or just grow my own?
As a work around I have had success with requesting the red pepper flakes be baked into the pizza (when sprinkled on dry they aren’t hot until the next day).
Here are some forums where I found corroborating evidence of the milder jalapeno conspiracy:


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