Oil rig spill disaster, political reponse to the destruction of the Gulf Coast ecosystem

what are americans complaining about about? It is only going to “oil up” 40% of all coastal wetlands in the US. They will still have over half!

Oh, and ALL the support for new offshore obama approved oil drilling is GONE , politically predictable, isn’t it?

Honestly, what did they think would happen when you stick a straw into the ground IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN and suck oil out of it? Add entropy, stir and it is statistically going to happen somewhere eventually and there is NO denying that. So you are trading the environment for cheap oil, no wait, Oil companies are taking profit in exchange for promising not to destroy an entire ecosystem. It is OUR loss, THEIR gain.

Good news is that there is new oil spill cleanup equipment poised to help us clean up the beaches – which unlike the rocky beaches of Alaska are made up of sand that isn’t so easily pressure-washed.  meanwhile, the oil spill percolates through the interstitial spaces in the sand and physically bonds to it, making it difficult to impossible to remove. For remote areas this may be adequate but for areas that require clean beaches for beach bums digging sand castles all that sand must be processed – preferrably on-stie.

4/27/2010 oil spill progress

that picture was 3 days ago. i just heard on NPR you can smell the offshore oil on the beaches now, anytime now! what we need is make some cash and have nude oil spill wrestlers on you tube! It is already covering an island where pelicans hang out and breed due to a breech in a boom surrounding the island…who would have thunk it?

Unrelated note———–

BONUS QUESTION: how much did the worlds largest largest most profitable corporation in the history of TIME pay in federal taxes?

A: zero

Question: how much did they get back from taxpayes in tax credits/writeoffs?

A: It will make you sick

Question: Where is this corporation headquartered?

A: Ask a Gulf Coast wetland

Endnote: Yes, I am biased.


2 thoughts on “Oil rig spill disaster, political reponse to the destruction of the Gulf Coast ecosystem

  1. All these years later we are still trying to get the golf back to how it should be, but things are looking up, the seafood looks good and the oil has dispersed so in another 5 years I hope to see everything back to normal! :)

    • dirt fill: if you reply to this like a human I will retain the comment. i don’t mind people supporting their won sites but keyword stuffing kind of sucks, especially if you are just a bot.

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