Rip a perfect copy of a CD, how to.

I have never had a problem burning disks while doing other things, even on a single core. are you sure the error is from multi tasking and not crappy media?

as far as ripping, if it fails when you use the scroll bar that way then dont do that anymore? LOL…Further, your optiarc “supports accurate stream, caches audio data and has the ability to retrieve C2 error information from audio CD’s. ”
and DBpoweramp uses “accurate rip” technology to compare your rip to others via online database.
Plus DBpoweramp is “multi CPU aware” – whatever that means.

very useful guide for ripping perfect copies with dbpoweramp:

and as far as the MP3 bitrate, yup. in certain situations it sucks but I wonder how well we would do with a blind listening test like this:
points to these passages proven difficult for the LAME mp3 encoder:
those passages are .wv files, playable with these players:


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