deceptive scam with unfair airfare practices – hides taxes & promises refunds under impossible rules hides its fees and taxes to make it very easy to purchase a ticket THINKING you are getting a great deal yet it ends up being MORE than what they advertised. What a great scam,

Why would ANY company tout their prices as being lower until the final “commit to purchase” button?

And yes, they offer an airfare guarantee – within TWELVE HOURS of booking the ticket. So if you buy an emergency ticket late at night you wake up and goto work and find out what you did wrong — 13 hours later — and you are now screwed.

Pay out Rules:

The comparative search has to be performed the same day you book with us, and emailed within 12 hrs of booking a flight with us. (so if you book at 11PM, you have 1 hr)
The flights, times and dates have to be identical and be available.
Please email us the web-site URL (cut and paste actual booking with cost) you found the comparative fare in. Include our TID # with your request.
The USD 10 fee is paid only if you have made a paid booking on our web-site.
The total cost comparison is done for base air fare and taxes (not including the service fees). (so the fees we hide as a useless middle man doesnt count)
The comparison has to be from major recognized travel sites only.
Please email us the details at

Cost me and my partner $120 more than the airfare we should have bought. -thanks onetravel!

onetravel, contact us for a refund, do the right thing.

Im not the only one, read this barrage of complaints about onone from consumer affairs!


7 thoughts on “ deceptive scam with unfair airfare practices – hides taxes & promises refunds under impossible rules

  1. i just scouted an available flight for july-aug to nothern samar from manila philippines and there is no option to make it a reservation just in case instead they make it a booking status when there is no payment airfare rate yet,this is not a good sign ,i just want to make sure if this is not a scam again im repeating,i just wanted to know how much is the price why are they keeping it or hiding it?im not happy now because im not yet answered

      • I was mad so I vented. I get great pleasure from all the traffic I get from the post and take the whole thing as a learning experience: if you are doing business with a new company read the fine print, especially if it is too good to be true.

  2. I recently booked a flight with onetravel and was ripped off left, right and centre.They deceptively changed my return date from Feb 20th to March 20th.
    When I complained to have it changed back they told me that it cannot be done and wanted me to pay $1200.00 more for a oneway trip back. Please everyone, never use onrtravel ever…you could endup loosing your pants and even more.

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  4. Yes, I agree months ago
    Parents and I we to texas
    Add insurance to all tickets
    An emergency come up
    End up calling to move returned date
    Guess $500.
    Add to my credit card for the change
    First they sell you the insurance then when a problema comes along the send you to customer services and they are the ones working from INDIA and decline your claim
    There you just lost you money
    No further complaints to any one
    Done doing business with them

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