double standard for police dogs getting shot

cops blow away dogs all the time for just looking at them or barking – which is just what dogs do.

Reverse the situation: what if you kill a dog that is trained and trying to KILL you?  Answer: you get blown away

The sheriff’s office says the suspect pulled a pistol and shot the dog. The handler then shot the suspect who died early this morning at a hospital.

double standard, we need animal rights laws rewritten to help prevent cops daily slaughter of hundred of dogs all across the united states

Local News | Man shoots police dog, police kill man in Spokane | Seattle Times Newspaper

12/2010 update:

“But when “Boomer” started barking and running toward a police officer Saturday morning, the officer shot the dog and killed it, Lawrene King told the AJC Sunday night.”

This one is nice: Police chase suspect into someone else’s backyard, shoot somone else’s dog in “self defense”. Umm… what about tazers and pepper spray?  They seem to work fine on humans.

I know this post is ignorant but there really needs to be a website where all this can be recorded and logged so we can see the scope of the problem.


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