freedom, freedom, freedom, god almighty free at last!

Video: Police Taser Son Who Tries to Rescue His Father After Police and Fire Department Refuses to Go Into Water « JONATHAN TURLEY

Oh yes, this post is a reminder to ramble on about the inequities of force, how the police have a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence, how they are not an imartial observer, how “new” cops are trained to escalate situations rather than de-escalate, how smart people arent allowed to be cops and how “less than lethal” weapons are turning us into jello (for lack of a better word)

Spacetime May Have Fractal Properties on a Quantum Scale

i think you can get the idea by the title. let’s play: by increasing awareness to the scale of one wavelength of a brain wave a great energy is released because this short period acts like a crowbar to pry open access to these other dimensions not normally available to consciousness. It is the equivalent of sending semi trucks through the double slit experiment – it does the same thing as electrons if you scale everything proportionately.

I wonder what the world record is for deliberately tosing a baby? They must not have a very high teminal velocity and stopping that small of a mass isn’t difficult.
How about dropping them from a helicopter into a pile of marshmallows? Would that get me youtube video of the week or jailtime?

Baby Toss Ritual


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